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The Bullet Release is a revolutionary new device that has been designed to protect you and your equipment from rope entanglement injuries or damage. Getting the rope or handle wrapped around you or your equipment can have serious, or even fatal results. The Bullet Release automatically releases the rope at a predetermined load, significantly reducing the risk or exposure to severe injury and damage.
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Dear Skidude,
EricR replied:
Another bullet success story! Last week Old Man Tim let a newbie use his ski and rope. The guy did a FOTO wake jump and caught the rope on the rear FT wing. Tim was running a 450 PIN. It worked as design and separated saving the rope and rear wing. Best $100 bucks you can spend to protect you and your equipment!
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The Bullet Release can be set to four different preset loads: Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy.

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$99/bullet (includes 1 set of pins)

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Or for an add'l $10 you may get a bullet with our Family pack of 2 of Light, Medium, and Heavy pins each

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